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Founded in the year 2021 in Mumbai, we are one of the leading, experienced, and reliable sourcing agents for sustainable seafood. Our widespread product collection of frozen includes farm-based shrimps, ribbon fish, Indian mackerel, horse mackerel, yellowfin tuna, WCCF, octopus kingfish, Bombay duck, squid, vannamei, red snapper, catfish and many more.

We ensure complete monitoring of these products, right from raw material sourcing to the finished product packaging that reaches our customer, ensuring traceability. Our partner list consists of only selected internationally reputed packers and processors across India to ensure quality. Our effective partnerships with such reputed organizations reflect our commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices. Our operations are benchmarked against the highest global standards of the industry, thus also allowing us to maintain standards in upstream and downstream supply chains - the central ethos of JH & Company.

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Quality Is Everything

In the seafood industry, quality plays one of the most crucial factors. In order to ensure that each customer gets only the best quality products, we have deployed highly experienced QA personnels at equivalent intervals of our supply chain. With 30+ experts across the Indian coastline, we are always ready to give you any kind of support.

We Trace It For You

When it comes to maintaining the quality of seafood, it is imperative to start with quality seeds. Our partners are certified under Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is through our data bank of imported broodstock hatcheries that our farmer partners breed only the best quality sea life.

For wild caught products, we ensure that the final product reaches our customers only after passing stringent quality checks.

We Are Sustainable

All our suppliers are audited by certified International Organizations such as the ‘Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices program. This ensures that our supply meets with sustainable practices of global standards.

We Spread Awareness

Through farmer clusters, we spread awareness on sustainable practices. Our campaigns talk about effective sludge removal, water quality management and recycling, feed management and stocking densities, to enable sustainable yet profitable yields.

We Are Responsible

We are aware of the importance of our oceans in this world. We promptly take actions to protect our oceans and follow the best industry standard practices of environmental responsibilities. We ensure that fishing activities are ceased during monsoon and that the fishermen travel only in the demarcated areas.

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Through effective internalised processes in our supply chain, we ensure timely delivery of our products to all our clients.

Right from the day you book your order with us, our quality controllers strive to maintain global standards across our complete product range.

Right from the time your order is placed until your order is delivered, we keep our clients updated at every milestone. We also ensure that each of our clients receive only the best quality products.


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Priti Jain


An MBA graduate from ICFAI university, Priti has over a decade of experience in marketing. Her unshakeable commitment to quality, innovative thought process and belief in maintaining long term professional relationships, makes her a great mentor to the team.

Jhill Jain


Jhill is currently pursuing MBA from NMIMS and is gaining experience for modern marketing requirements. His perceptive thought process, leadership skills, and effective marketing strategies elevate the company's working methodologies.


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